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usr.bin/banner/banner.c - function declaration

Tobias Stoeckmann-2

I think the third argument of scnline has to be of type char.
First of, the variable called cc is supplied. This variable is
defined in scan_out(): type char. In scnline, the variable c
is applied to a memory area, which is reserved for char. This function
gets only called once with a char variable, so it is just kind of
style correction (I think).

Tobias Stoeckmann

--- usr.bin/banner/banner.c~ Sun Dec  4 23:20:34 2005
+++ usr.bin/banner/banner.c Sun Dec  4 23:20:45 2005
@@ -71,7 +71,7 @@
 /* the char gen code below is lifted from lpd */
 static char *
-scnline(int key, char *p, int c)
+scnline(int key, char *p, char c)
  int scnwidth;