[update] graphics/openjp2 2.4.0

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[update] graphics/openjp2 2.4.0

Landry Breuil-5

here's the update to openjp2 2.4.0, from the 1303 tests only two fail:

        884 - NR-DEC-issue226.j2k-74-decode (Failed)
        885 - NR-DEC-issue226.j2k-74-decode-md5 (Failed)

changelog at http://www.openjpeg.org/2020/12/28/OpenJPEG-2.4.0-released

will have a look shortly at consumers, since ofc the include path
changes as usual.. those using pkg-config should just work (tm)

sending this early for testing in a bulk.


openjp2-2.4.0.diff (2K) Download Attachment