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unreadable screen after install

Glenn Mawby
I've installed 6.1 on an Ultra 45 with an xvr-300 graphics card.  The
install went fine but on reboot I can read the boot messages up until a
certain point then the screen flashes and the text is unreadable.     The
displayed text starts at the in the middle of the screen and wraps from the
left.   I can just make out the login prompt but the console is unusable.
I can ssh in ok.  I've checked the /etc/ttys and the first two entries are
terminal type sun.
I started X with startx and X starts but the xterm text is a mess and I
can't read it.  Also the background Xs look squished.
I read /usr/X11R6/README and set up an xorg.conf as per the instructions
but it made no difference.    I checked the firmware and the radeon
firmware is in the directory.
The monitor is an IBM/Lenovo L170p   , it's preferred mode is
1284x1024@60hz..   xrandr -q confirms that.

I've booted Solaris 10 on the machine and  Xsun works fine.
The card has a one  dual link DVI port (DVI-59?) then a splitter cable for
two monitors.   The monitor is connected to the cable marked "1"

I'm not sure what to do next, so any help appreciated.