to get to another farm, where they were up-to-date en

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to get to another farm, where they were up-to-date en

Lanna Stapel
Omething of a confidential tone,
as if getting the boys ready to be surprised when they looked upon the
possessions of the industrious professor. "And oh! if you could only
hear all the queer things

he's been telling us that happened to him in foreign lands, when he was
spending ever so much money, and long weary months, finding these very

rare specimens. Why, I just

stand there, and look at them, and wonder how people can

be so foolish, when it seems to me I've seen much prettier butterflies
right out there in our fields where the thistles are blooming." It
seemed that
the room they had given the wonderful man of science was on the
ground floor, and opened off the parlor. The two boys followed
Sallie in, and noted
her rather awed manner 5 evidently the professor, whether he turned out
be a fraud or the genuine article, had succeeded

in arousing both her admiration and wonder. The room was plainly yet
comfortably furnished, but evidently the professor,
like so many other learned savants, did not know such a thing

as "order" existed, for things were simply topsy-turvy. "He just won't
let us sweep in here,

or do the least thing," explained Sallie, as
if she feared the boys would blame her for the looks of the room, "you
know, he's so queer, and he says we might lose
something that he valued very highly, thinking it was not worth keeping.
But here's the little case containing those almost priceless specimens
he collected abroad." She led them to a table on which a small
case rested, leaning against the wall. Frank took one look. Apparently
the sight affected him strangely, for immediately he bent over closer
as though
to feast his eyes on those costly

trophies which the college
professor had collected in foreign lands. Andy saw that his
cousin was evidently having some sort of a silent laughing fit, for he
shook all over though not uttering
a single sound. "What ails you, Frank?" he whispered, taking advantage
of Sallie having to hurry out of the room, as her mother's
voice was heard calling her in
the kitchen. "I'm tickled to death to meet an (948 bytes) Download Attachment