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Jimmy Scott
Hi ports@,

I modified the patch for urlview.c because urlview segfaulted on my
OpenBSD/amd64 3.7 machine since quote()'s prototype was missing.

Is it possible to get this into -STABLE and -CURRENT ? I only tested it
on 3.7 since the changes were minor and there were not any changes made
to the port since OPENBSD_3_7.

I'm not subscribed to the list, CC me if any problems.

Kind regards,
Jimmy Scott

--- urlview.c.orig Tue Jul  4 12:14:30 2000
+++ urlview.c Thu Jan 26 23:42:41 2006
@@ -46,9 +46,11 @@
 #include <rx/rxposix.h>
+#include "quote.h"
 #define DEFAULT_REGEXP "(((https?|ftp|gopher)://|(mailto|file|news):)[^' \t<>\"]+|(www|web|w3)\\.[-a-z0-9.]+)[^' \t.,;<>\"\\):]"
 #define DEFAULT_COMMAND "url_handler.sh %s"
-#define SYSTEM_INITFILE "/etc/urlview.conf"
+#define SYSTEM_INITFILE "%%SYSCONFDIR%%/urlview.conf"
 #define OFFSET 2
 #define PAGELEN (LINES - 1 - OFFSET)

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