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stuff to fix in various packages

Marc Espie-2
pkg_create now emits some obnoxious warnings when it sees weird owners
and groups and modes in packing-lists.

Correct packing-lists already have annotations for interesting stuff,
such as setuid programs.

As it is, there is quite a lot of noise generated by the following practice:
copy verbatim part of the source tarball to the installation directory
(installation docs, data, etc). This is easy to fix: just
after the fact (unless there is some more elegant tweak).

This noise needs to be removed. This makes for reproducible packages (whose
files do not contain stuff belonging to espie, naddy, and the person who
happened to be building the package).

After the noise, there's still a disturbing amount of files which are not
registered as `weird' in the packing-list... a few ports are in need of
some serious auditing.

The intent is to turn these warnings into actual errors in a few weeks,
so all these problems must be fixed !