sshd hangs when ldap server is offline

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sshd hangs when ldap server is offline

Andreas Krüger

We have been trying to play around with the login_ldap package and after we have configured login.conf, ypldap.conf and added portmap_flags=YES, ypldap_flags=“”, and ypbind_flags=“” to rc.conf.local we have see an issue. If the ldap server is offline, sshd is not able to restart or even start the daemon. We tried to reboot the server and firstly it hangs with yp_first causing RPC errors. If we ^C that in the console, it continues and want to start the sshd daemon, but that just hangs forever.

We have been using the guide from yet we skipped the last step of automate execution.
If the server is able to reach the ldap server, then everything works fine.