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Kevin Chadwick-4
On Fri, 21 Apr 2017 13:51:36 -0700
Kurt H Maier <[hidden email]> wrote:

> What I don't do it set an outgoing voicemail greeting informing
> correspondents that my time is more valuable than theirs, and if they
> want to contact me I have a list of hoops through which they must
> jump.
> That would make me an asshole.

Hardly but it is a world full of major assholes and being slightly
assholeish would be ok if it helped fight them but greylisting is not
assholeish at all. Major providers making greylisting difficult is
being an asshole. Fast greylisting (couple of minutes) is on the rise
because it works, so they will hopefully change. CDN (content delivery
networks changing IPs and complicating CA trust) are a far more
assholeish hack.

I admit the implementations are more hackish than they could be but if
greylisting which has it's own standards now, is a hack then so are
blacklists which don't work very well and which is why users of the
major providers get a lot more spam than I do (not just greylisting
being the reason). The ability to download entire blacklists can be a
paid for service and also would be more wasteful.

Advertising an MX and refusing delivery is a hack that was never
intended too, when email was designed on expensive wholly trusted

I guess you don't mind the asshole call centres with noone on the other
end and then hang up or make you say hello again to see if someone
answers before switching to an employee as they rate the time of the
call centre employees doing a job under horrible pressure as more
valuable than the recipient? It works both ways, it would
obviously be better if spammers did not exist.