smtp-vilter 1.1.9 socket bug ?

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smtp-vilter 1.1.9 socket bug ?

Sjöholm Per-Olov

I have been using smtp-vilter a lot, and in many installations. Now I have
reinstalled a server to OpenBSD 3.8 and have problems with the smtp-vilter
port. I use basically the same config files as before (from 1.1.8) as it
seems like no critical changes.

The strange thing here is that smtp-vilter simply refuse to start listening to
an inet socket ("port=inet:3301@localhost"). A unix socket works ok. But an
inet socket  does not work anymore! The smtp-vilter process starts ok. But a
"netstat -a|grep 3301" doesn't show anything.

The reason for me to believe there is a bug is that running "lsof" and
checking "netstat -a" shows that smtp-vilter open up an unix socket instead
of an inet socket even though I use an inet statement for listening in

This is not critical as all stuff run on the same server and a unix socket is
fine for me. But it sure looks like a software problem (if I am not sleeping
while testing). And this problem occurred after upgrade from OpenBSD 3.7 with
smtp-vilter 1.1.8 to OpenBSD 3.8 with smtp-vilter 1.1.9.

Maye I should write to Mr Ballmer instead...

Per-Olov Sjöholm
GPG keyID: 4DB2 83CE
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