said that there was `something in his eyes.' Also he wa

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said that there was `something in his eyes.' Also he wa

Neuhaus Pasculli
 withdrew the pipe from his mouth, and after an interval said-- "Aye!"
He continued to stare at the card, now held in one hand. "And is it to
be printed in silver?" Edwin asked. Mr Peake took a few more puffs.
"Aye!" When he had stared further for a long

time at the card, his hand moved slowly with it towards Edwin, and Edwin
resumed possession of it. Mrs Louisa Loggerheads had now vanished.
"Missis has gone," said Big James. "Has her?"

muttered Mr Peake. Edwin rose to leave, though unwillingly; but
Big James asked him in polite reproach
whether he should not stay for the first song. He nodded, encouraged;
and sat down. He did not know that the uppermost idea in Big James's
for an hour past had been that Edwin would hear him sing. Mr Peake
lifted his glass, held it from him, approached

his lips towards it, and emptied it at a draught. He then glanced round
and said thickly-- "Gentlemen all, Mester Smallrice, Mester Harracles,
Mester Rampick, and Mester Yarlett will now
oblige with one o' th' ould favourites." There was some applause, a few
coats were removed, and Mr Peake fixed himself
in a contemplative attitude.
THREE. Messrs. Arthur Smallrice, Abraham Harracles, Jos Rawnpike, and
James Yarlett rose, stepped heavily on to the little platform, and
stood in a line with their

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