relayd redirect not working..

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relayd redirect not working..

Hi, I am trying to get pf & relayd to redirect port 80 to a some backed
www servers but I can't get relayd to start. If I have the following in
my relayd.conf file.....

  redirect "www" {
    listen on 80
    forward to port 80

and try to start relayd then it just fails with the following in

Mar  4 23:32:44 NodeB relayd[31756]: startup
Mar  4 23:32:44 NodeB relayd[12344]: hce exiting, pid 12344
Mar  4 23:32:44 NodeB relayd[4920]: pfe exiting, pid 4920
Mar  4 23:32:44 NodeB relayd[27847]: relay exiting, pid 27847
Mar  4 23:32:44 NodeB relayd[32752]: relay exiting, pid 32752
Mar  4 23:32:44 NodeB relayd[31463]: relay exiting, pid 31463

If I comment out the above redirect then relayd starts ok.

I am also not sure about exactly what rules I need to put into my
pf.conf for a redirect, I know I need an anchor and assume that just

anchor "relayd/*"

would be ok and that I need to put in either a pass or match rule
also... eg.

pass in on $ExtIf inet proto tcp from <Admin> to myip/32 port 80
$TcpState tagged REDIRECTED

If anyone can help then that would be great.
Thanks for reading.