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relayd as transparent reverse proxy

R0me0 ***
Hello misc,

I'm trying to use relayd as transparent reverse proxy with httpd. The goal
is keep source IP

I'am using OBSD 5.9 stable branch

relayd and httpd coexist in the same machine.

pf.conf ( tried with rdr and divert-to )

pass in on egress  .... divert-to localhost port 8080


relay "proxyrelay"
 listen on port 8080
 protocol "httpfilter"
 transparent forward to destination ( used accordingly rdr/divert-to )

works great , but if I use the word "transparent" doesn't work.
Using tcpdump I am able to see the traffic being blocked from my egress and
source port of httpd.


I take a look on this

Removed from pf.conf "set skip on lo0" and tried to perform rules like the
thread above

The grammar in relay section doesn't accept "interface" keyword

but debuging with tcpdump,  now I see a "loop" and the  client never get a

Is there a way to get it working in the same host ?

Thanks in advance.