pxe install fails on HP DL380 with 3.8 bsd.rd

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pxe install fails on HP DL380 with 3.8 bsd.rd

Runo Forrisdahl

3.8 fails to complete boot. We bought this prior to 3.8 so in addition to
ciss it also does have an LSI MEGARAID 320-1, but it seems that it fails
prior to load the LSI card. 3.7 works like a charm with this configuration.
Any clues on where to look?

Console output below:

>> OpenBSD/i386 PXEBOOT 1.02
switching console to com0

Copyright (c) 1982, 1986, 1989, 1991, 1993
        The Regents of the University of California.  All rights reserved.
        Copyright (c) 1995-2005 OpenBSD. All rights reserved.  http://www.OpenBSD.org
        OpenBSD 3.8 (RAMDISK_CD) #794: Sat Sep 10 15:58:32 MDT 2005
            [hidden email]:/usr/src/sys/arch/i386/compile/RAMDISK_CD
            cpu0: Intel(R) Xeon(TM) CPU 3.20GHz ("GenuineIntel" 686-class)
3.20 GHz
real mem  = 1073270784 (1048116K)
avail mem = 973758464 (950936K)
using 4278 buffers containing 53768192 bytes (52508K) of memory
mainbus0 (root)
bios0 at mainbus0: AT/286+(00) BIOS, date 12/31/99, BIOS32 rev. 0 @ 0xf0000
pcibios0 at bios0: rev 2.1 @ 0xf0000/0x2000
pcibios0: PCI BIOS has 7 Interrupt Routing table entries
pcibios0: PCI Interrupt Router at 000:31:0 ("Intel 82801EB/ER LPC" rev 0x00)
pcibios0: PCI bus #8 is the last bus
bios0: ROM list: 0xc0000/0x8000 0xc8000/0x4000! 0xcc000/0x1400
0xcd400/0x1600 0x
cpu0 at mainbus0
pci0 at mainbus0 bus 0: configuration mode 1 (no bios)
pchb0 at pci0 dev 0 function 0 "Intel E7710 SMCH" rev 0x0c
ppb0 at pci0 dev 2 function 0 "Intel E7710 MCH PCIE" rev 0x0c
pci1 at ppb0 bus 1
ppb1 at pci1 dev 0 function 0 "Intel PCIE-PCIE" rev 0x09
pci2 at ppb1 bus 2
bge0 at pci2 dev 1 function 0 "Broadcom BCM5704C" rev 0x10, BCM5704 B0
 irq 5 address 00:14:38:c4:25:6b
 brgphy0 at bge0 phy 1: BCM5704 10/100/1000baseT PHY, rev. 0
 bge1 at pci2 dev 1 function 1 "Broadcom BCM5704C" rev 0x10, BCM5704 B0
 irq 5 address 00:14:38:c4:25:6a
 brgphy1 at bge1 phy 1: BCM5704 10/100/1000baseT PHY, rev. 0
 ppb2 at pci1 dev 0 function 2 "Intel PCIE-PCIE" rev 0x09
 pci3 at ppb2 bus 3
 ciss0 at pci3 dev 3 function 0 "Compaq Smart Array 64xx" rev 0x01: irq 5
 ciss0: 0 LDs HW rev 1 FW 2.36/2.36
 lmap 332e3236:2e330136 fatal integer divide fault in supervisor mode
 trap type 8 code 0 eip d012c353 cs 8 eflags 10246 cr2 0 cpl 0
 panic: trap type 8, code=0, pc=d012c353
 The operating system has halted.
 Please press any key to reboot.
Runo Fxrrisdahl -
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