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powerpc bulk build report

Landry Breuil-5
bulk build on macppc-1.ports.openbsd.org
started on  Sun Jul 14 07:28:39 MDT 2019
finished at Tue Jul 23 10:31:59 MDT 2019
lasted 09D20h03m
done with kern.version=OpenBSD 6.5-current (GENERIC.MP) #552: Fri Jul 12 01:10:36 MDT 2019

built packages:9332
Jul 14:2395
Jul 15:1745
Jul 16:3022
Jul 17:312
Jul 18:293
Jul 19:293
Jul 20:316
Jul 21:482
Jul 22:385
Jul 23:88

critical path missing pkgs: http://build-failures.rhaalovely.net//powerpc/2019-07-14/summary.log

ls: /usr/ports/logs/powerpc/locks: No such file or directory
build failures: 0
grep: /usr/ports/logs/powerpc/locks/*: No such file or directory
cp: failures/: No such file or directory
find: failures: No such file or directory
tar: Unable to access powerpc/failures: No such file or directory
tar: WARNING! These file names were not selected: