please help fixing php-fpm on armv7

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please help fixing php-fpm on armv7

I would like to get php-fpm working again on arm.  The last time I had a
working version was Aug.
I can build the port, run debug and report crash dumps but do not have the
expertise to analyse the code.
Any and all help is appreciated.  I will do what I can under guidance.

First, I would like to know if anyone else has experienced this problem, or
am I the only one.
My system is an orangepi one (Allwinner H3).

The build I am testing with is a snapshot kernel of Dec 28 and ports of Jan
The problem I reported with building libffi  on the Dec 28 ports did not
reoccur on the Jan 1 ports.

I configured php with as much debug as I could and ran it non-daemon for a
console debug log and then as a daemon to get a core.
Attached is the console log and core backtrace.

backtrace of core.txt (2K) Download Attachment
console log.txt (31K) Download Attachment