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playing issue with mpv

Solene Rapenne
Since a few days (which may be related to mpv update at end of february)
I experience some playing issue with mpv when watching a movie on my NFS
mountpoint. When issue happens, the video playback becomes very slow and
sound stops. It can be fixed by disabling sound track and enabling it
again by pressing # a few times (in order to cycle back to the wanted
audio track).

After some search, it can be reproduced on a local filesystem with
--cache=yes (default is --cache=auto and it may be enabled when reading
a file over NFS maybe).

I did not find a way to reproduce it at will but this can happens
randomly every 10 minutes or 2 minutes but it happens quite often, like
5 times in a 45 minutes videos. It happens with different kind of video

I have no fix but I wanted to share about this issue.