pkg question: dnsmasq alternatives?

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pkg question: dnsmasq alternatives?

We have various OpenBSD machines acting as gateways for NAT LANs. We
need a handful of services for these, mainly a dhcp server that can do
mac-based fixed addressing, dns server that can attach and reverse names
associated with these fixed addresses, dns black-holeing, the ability to
intercept dns lookups on non-existent domains when the ISP replies with
a spam server instead of nx, and PXE/tftp server.

We've been using dnsmasq for years since it provides a one-stop-shop for
most of the stuff we need, and while we're fairly happy with it, I
always like to ask around periodically to see if for any of the stuff we
do a better way has come about.

So to cut to the chase, does anyone know of and/or have experience with
other packages that do the sorts of things dnsmasq does that it might be
worth switching to? (We're only looking at packages). One-stop-shop type
programs are obviously preferred to managing a bunch of different stuff.

Thanks in advance.