php 5.1.6 patch for 3.9 from cvs HEAD

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php 5.1.6 patch for 3.9 from cvs HEAD

patrick keshishian
I haven't heard back from robert@, so I'm sending
it ports@ way.

Hope it will be of use to others as well.

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From: patrick keshishian <[hidden email]>
Date: Nov 10, 2006 1:26 AM
Subject: php 5.1.6 patch for 3.9 from cvs HEAD
To: Robert Nagy <[hidden email]>


I am not sure if this will of any use to anyone,
but I took a small amount of time and build php
5.1.6 using the port from cvs HEAD.  Small mods
were required to make the OPENBSD_3_9 ports
infrastructure happy with the extensions/Makefile

It built nicely for me and I'm running it and
so far no problems.  This is on i386 system.

I should also mention that I did not do a full
regression test with much of the extensions. I
only built what I use (gd and pgsql).

I was going to post it to ports@ but thought I'd
pass it by you first.

Hopefully someone will find this useful.


php5.1.6-OPENBSD_3_9.diff.gz (16K) Download Attachment