pf + wan nat loopback - possible?

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pf + wan nat loopback - possible?

J.D. Bronson
I had all of this working with PPPoE + PF, but now i have a T-1
with several IPs all aliased off of the main.

pf is working fine....however, I now have lost WAN NAT LOOPBACK.

What I need is a way to go from one LAN machine to the WAN and
loopback to the other LAN machine.


Since this 'just works' with pppoe, how do I do it with pf?

simple pf.conf:

binat on $bge1 from to any -> 67.x.x.1
binat on $bge1 from to any -> 67.x.x.2
binat on $bge1 from to any -> 67.x.x.3
binat on $bge1 from to any -> 67.x.x.4
and so on.

I need to use to go and connect to public

This results in an immediate connection refused. I see nothing in the
pflog and I even tried pass out quick all.

So I dont think pf is technically blocking it -but....

Why do I need this? - I run 2 external DNS servers (with views) and
as such NS2 needs to talk to NS1 but using the WAN NAT loopbacks.

thanks in advance for any tips.

J.D. Bronson
Information Services
Aurora Health Care - Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Office: 414.978.8282 // Fax: 414.977.5299

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