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Fuchs, Martin
Hi all !

First let me say thank you for your work !
Keep on that way... !

I have two questions concerning the packet filter:

Is it not possible to pass PPTP sessions thru pf, because of missing GRE
session tracking ?
I heared about this from a few people and now i am running info the same
problem... it seems to work, but when establishing a pptp session it
breaks up after authentication, that states that GRE does not seem to
work :-(((
Do you have any idea if this issue will be fixed in the future (and do
you have a timeline for that)? I mean VPN applications become more and
more important nowadays, so it would be very helpful...

Furthermore another question:
will MAC-Filtering be possible in the future ?
It's not vital to me, but interesting ;-)


Thanks to you for listening to me ;-)

Looking forward to hear from you...