[patch] backport of ral(4) reliability fix for 3.8

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[patch] backport of ral(4) reliability fix for 3.8

Roman Hunt
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Attached is a backport of the ral(4) fix about to be released in 3.9 ID'd

"don't try to release references to nodes that have been freed by net80211.
in HostAP mode, when switching to the INIT state, net80211 sends a DISASSOC
and a DEAUTH frame to all associated stations and immediately free all the
nodes while we may still hold references to them in our Tx queues.

hopefully, this should fix PRs 4469/kernel and 4953/kernel."

I needed this to work now and couldn't get snapshots or wait for my disk to
ship so I backported
the change. Maybe some of you will find the patch useful.


[demime removed a uuencoded section named ralfix-3.8.patch which was 48 lines]