panic: vmxnet3_getbuf: buffer has mbuf

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panic: vmxnet3_getbuf: buffer has mbuf

Stuart Henderson
I ran into "vmxnet3_getbuf: buffer has mbuf" on an esxi VM (5.5.0 -
VM version 8) running librenms and unifi (java/mongodb). Lots of snmp
fetches, lots of disk io from rrdtool, fairly high memory utilisation.

It's running June 20 snapshot (amd64 MP). Probably a couple of weeks
uptime. I can provide dmesg after a reboot, but wanted to check if
anyone has requests for more information from DDB first (in any event
I'll need to reboot it in a couple of hours).

OCR'd and quickly proofread below, screenshots at

Iogin: panic: vmxnet3_getbuf: buffer has mbuf
Stopped at     db enter+0x9:   leave
161561  79703   755       0x2        0   2  snmpget
4987  44005   755       0x2        0   3  snmpwalk
*243557   4788   755       0x2        0   0  snmpget
399589  81644     0      0x10  0x4000000    1  bacula-fd
db_enter(ffff8000236b2aa0,10202,8,10,ffff8000236b2a88,286) at db_enter+0x9
48) at panic+0x102
560,ffffff008c331c00,ffffff00bff1fca0) at vmxnet3_getbuf+0x12b
6c920,ffff8000001fe580) at vmxnet3_rxintr+0x256
b98,ffffff01ab0f6270) at vmxnet3_intr+0x67
intr_handler(ffff8000236b2d48,ffff8000001fe580,5,ffff8000001fe500,0,7) at intr
_intr_ioapic_level10() at _intr_ioapic_level10+0xcd
--- interrupt ---
___mp_lock(ffffffff81a1f400,45,ffff8000237e7878,30000,10,ffff8000236b2e20) at _
syscall() at syscall+0x328
--- syscall (number 5) ---
end trace frame: 0x0, count: 6
0x86733ea9c6a: describes the minimum info required in bug
reports.  Insufficient info makes it difficult to find and fix bugs.

ddb{0}> sh reg
rdi                       0x1
rsi                      0x286   mptramp_gdt32_desc+0x264
rbp            0xffff8000236b2a98
rbx            0xffffffff8177d708   __func__.6599+0x16
rdx                        0
rcx            0xffffffff8196c920   cpu_info_primary
rax                       0x1
r8            0xffff8000236b29a8
r9                        0x1
r10            0xffff8000236b2948
r11                       0x8
r12                     0x100   mptramp_gdt32_desc+0xde
r13            0xffff8000236b2aa8
r14            0xffff8000001ac000
r15            0xffffff00bff18000
rip            0xffffffff81024129   db_enter+0x9
cs                        0x8
rfIags                   0x286   mptramp_gdt32_desc+0x264
rsp            0xffff8000236b2a88
ss                       0x10
db_enter+0x9:   Ieave