panic: aml_die on 6.0/amd64 (Intel N3050)

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panic: aml_die on 6.0/amd64 (Intel N3050)

Stephen Takacs
Just did a fresh install of 6.0/amd64 on my HP 250 G4 laptop with
Celeron N3050 CPU.  5.9 was working, but 6.0 panics on the first boot
immediately after installing base sets.

I took pictures with cellphone digital camera; it's the only one I have.
The first images are cut off a little, so I took them again at the very

In order, there is:
- panic
- dmesg
- trace
- ps
- machine acpi tree; didn't know there would be so many screens!
- (and again everything before the acpi tree)

Maybe I screwed up, but "machine ddbcpu 0" says: Invalid cpu 0, and
"machine ddbcpu 1" just hangs the system.

Here's a link to tarball with the 288 pictures.
It's named HP250G4_N3050.tar.gz with size 196,539,398 bytes.