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ospfctl json support

Richard Chivers

I have attached the first iteration of the ospf json support. Sorry
about the large commit,
but it had to come in one go, if we didn't want a broken implementation.

I will go back and update output.c and output_json.c to remove the detail flag
and instead pass through the cli parse_result as is done in bgpctl -j sh rib,
but thought it made sense to get the main commit out of the way and
then circle back
to these tweaks next week.

In general I think there should be a consideration over how times are output.

At present this diff outputs time using the pretty standard approach
used in ospfctl all along,
which is also what bgpctl -j sh rib does.

I question whether for durations and uptime we should perhaps
introduce something like

uptime_seconds: 30
uptime_seconds: null

as well as or rather than:

uptime: "6d06h31m"
uptime: "00:00:00"

I'm not sure if the above is a standard format (6d06h31m) that can be parsed
easily in many languages, which is part of what json support adds to the mix,
if it is then it is the best of both worlds already!

I can take a dig into this, but i'm sure someone will know off hand,
if so what is the RFC or equiv?

The only aspects I have not tested are:

ospfctl -j show database summary
ospfctl -j show database opaque

These have no results in my configuration.

I do question wheter ospfctl -j show database summary just needs removing?
I will perhaps have a dig into ospfd and see what generates the relevant imsg.

ospfctl_json.diff (30K) Download Attachment