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openssl.pc missing

Andreas Jellinghaus-2

openbsd includes openssl as far as I know.
but normal openssl does install "openss.pc" into
the pkg-config lib directory, normaly /usr/lib/pkgconfig.

I don't know why openbsd lacks that file, but it would
be nice to add it. I'm only an application developer,
and it would be nice if I could used standard autoconf/make/libtool
to port my code to all unix'es, and I would like to use
pkg-config for finding libraries, which is much easier than
writing autoconf code myself. it is sad that pkg-config plus
openssl on openbsd do not work because the openssl.pc file
is missing, and thus openbsd users have a harder time to
use my application. they can still use this workaround:
        export OPENSSL_LIBS="-lcrypto"
        export OPENSSL_CFLAGS="-I/usr/include"
to make it work, but auto detection would be nicer.

so please consider installing the openssl.pc file, like
openssl normaly does.

Thanks, Andreas