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openbsd nfs/ipsec server


maybe thats the wrong list but i hope here are some openbsd _and_ mac
os x users around.

i have an openbsd 3.8 nfs/isakmpd-server up and running with mac os
x and openbsd clients. nfs and isakmpd is working fine except one
problem: if an os x client (10.4) is connected via ipsec (kame with
ipsecuritas frontend) to the nfs server (with nfsmanager) - the nfs
connection is very unstable... sometimes it works - often not. i need
this ipsec because it is wlan. in the normal cabel-network i have the
same problem but less unstable.

i use the following options in my rc.conf.local:



in the os x logs i get sometimes:
"...nfs server xyz is not responding."

but nothing in openbsd logs.

could this be a (wrong) mtu (on os x client) problem?
any other networking (surfing, instant messaging, ...) is working
fine without any problems from all the clients.
nfs is working fine from openbsd clients.

how can i get more verbose logging on the server side (maybe there is a
last reason-message from the client before dropping the connection)? any
hints on getting more precise information and maybe solve the
problem...? is someone using the same setup?