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Re: Performance of Firefox and Chromium

> I'm not  sure what  hardware you guys  run OpenBSD on,  but on  my (old,
> crusty,  crummy, shitty)  laptop,  it  and a  lot  of Gui-requiring  and

My laptop was made in 2008, my desktop in 2002.

>  javascript heavy sites send
> javascript from many domains which is slow and insecure and probably
> increases threading a lot by it's distributed nature.

I blame a lot on Javascipt libraries like Ajax where lazy webmasters
include them to use 1% of what they stick in the page.  But yes, every
page requires 50 or so DNS lookups.  And web pages have gotten to be 3
megabytes and over.  And web servers have timeouts so lots of times I
see them time out before the pages load, I have to hit reload 5-10
times fairly often.  The OpenBSD site is fast, stupid sites like
Facebook I avoid.

Credit is the root of all evil.  - AB1JX