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David Walker-16
Tim Nelson <tnelson () rockbochs ! com>
> Fantastic points, I'd love to hear more, from both sides.

I'll blink.
This is a big deal ... but it's not specific to OpenBSD and further,
this is not news.

This discussion is pertinent on any forum. Hence here where the focus
is tight and anecdotally anti-turbo-legal ... it's bound to be off

Still, it's about the fourth and perhaps the fifth but not the first
and definitely not the second ...
While I don't have the protection afforded by the bill of rights (the
US one not the englsh one), the fourth is understood where habeus
corpus rules, i.e. those of us in "free societies".
This is relevant but, ranting about the "amendments" to a global
crowd, while allowed by the first, is hot air. I have no first nor
second sir ...
So, relevant but poorly phrased. Anything else?
Sure. Where we have the rule of law, the plan is to stand up for
yourself, in law (i.e. the fourth if that's what you've got) and get
some case law under your belt.
You've got to stand up for yourself ...
Everything else is hot air or text (i.e. hot air).

The US is the light on the hill. Stand up for yourself. Use the law.
The constitution if that's all you've got. Talking about it is one

DHS told me I had to hand over my password and I did ...
I'm so angry they violated my rights. That's neither precedent nor threadworthy.