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Roger Handsworth
I have a Microvax 3 looking for a home. It has a Fuji 850 MByte drive, a
network card, a tape drive and many rs232 network connections. I will be
happy to ship it (hopefully not in cabinet, heavy) for the cost of
I can get more details if anyone is interested.
The vax is in Tasmania ,Australia.
The vax has a software front panel, when started, it run its tests and I
can read and write to memory etc.
I have not run an OS on its as in its last job it booted from the
network, so OS is not available. It ran a Mt Xinu distribution of More
BSD I think??.
If you know of no interest, where can I start looking for interest. I
would hate to have to take it to the tip.

Roger Handsworth.
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