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[new] ldnscripts: help requested

Find attached a new port for ldnscripts [1].
It is a script to manage DNSSEC zones.

I have some question to make things right :

- Upstream don't specify a version number. After asking the develpper,
he said it's on version 2. Is setting the version with "V=" ok ?
- To install, I set "do-install". Modes of configuration directories and
files could be more restrictive. How to change them ?
- Is PLIST correct, as files in /var and /etc are created?
- How to add warnings at uninstall to say "remove /etc/ns and
/var/ldnscript manually" ?
- portcheck complains about hardcoded patch, but I can't figure out how
to do it otherwise.

This is my first attempt to make a port, so please be kind.


[1] : https://framagit.org/22decembre/ldnscripts/


ldnscripts.tar.gz (1K) Download Attachment