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mschap-v2 support in pppd

I have a VPN provider which I can connect to easily using Windows, fairly easily using NetworkManager in Linux, and not at all using OpenBSD.  After a lot of learning and debugging of IKE, L2TP and PPP it turns out that my VPN Provider will only authenticate PPP using MSCHAP-V2, and the pppd software on OpenBSD only supports PAP and CHAP.

Are there any PPP experts out there who know if there are any plans to support MS-CHAP-V2 on pppd, if there are any alternative pppd implementations that will run on OpenBSD that do support MSCHAP-V2, or if there is any practical or philosophical reason why I shouldn't develop the support to OpenBSD pppd and submit a patch.

any advise or info greatly appreciated.