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mgre questions

Marko Cupać

I'm trying to test mgre on 6.3, but without luck. There isn't much on
it in gre and ifconfig manpages, I am mostly trying out configuration
as stated here:


...except I found out mgre tunnel is specified with 'tunneladdr' and
not 'tunnel', and inet is specified with netmask (/24 in my case).

Are there some more texts on mgre on OpenBSD? Can they be terminated on
CARP and pppoe interfaces?

Right now I am trying to create mgre on CARP interface on one side and
pppoe interface on the other side, I just can't make it work, and I
don't see anything blocked in pf. Standard gre works fine.

Any advice?

Thank you in advance,
Before enlightenment - chop wood, draw water.
After  enlightenment - chop wood, draw water.

Marko Cupać