[macppc] Giving away a 12" iBook G4

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[macppc] Giving away a 12" iBook G4

Hello lists,
[please keep me CC'ed as I am not subscribed everywhere]

I'm giving away a 12" iBook G4 (from 2005) hoping that it will be useful
to someone working on macppc ports.

The bundle is as follow :
- PowerPC G4 1.33 GHz
- 512 MB of RAM
- 40 GB harddrive
- french keyboard
- french power adapter
- 1 used battery + 1 never used battery
- 1 Apple-to-vga converter

(I can split it but I don't want anything left on my hands)

See attached picture and dmesgs from
- debian_4.3.0-1-powerpc
- openbsd_8.5

I can mail it (at your expense, it's kind of heavy) or you can pick it
up in Massy, France (15 km south of Paris).
I can go to Paris if needed but you'll have to buy me a beer :-)

Hope this will help someone,


dmesg-debian_4.3.0-1-powerpc (34K) Download Attachment
dmesg-openbsd_8.5 (6K) Download Attachment
iBook.jpg (409K) Download Attachment