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<ADV>Reason to relax and pamper yourself

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                                               November 2011







              Look what we've found for you







Looking to pamper yourself? Don't have an idea of what to treat yourself after a hard day work? We have found some great deals for you, and hope it fits into your busy schedule. SgDealFinder.com

At SgDealFinder we promised to work hard and deliver you the greatest deals to pamper yourself, families and friends. All our dealhunter in SgDealFinder.com is working hard to find you a great time.





















                                                       Deals bought to you

















                                   Monz Beauty &amp; Soul (S$46.00)

                                                                                                                       Tired after a stressful day? Relax and pamper yourself with this SGDealFinder's deal by Monz Beauty &amp; Soul, at only $46, which works out to an 83% discount on the original price.View Online














                                                                     Nail Chic (S$33.00)

                                                                     Well-groomed nails not only complete your look, but can raise the glam factor of otherwise dull hands and feet. This cozy and classic nail spa in the heart of the CBD is a boon for a leisurely lunch-time grooming session or a pampering after-work retreat. View Online












                                                                             Stamford Education (S$50.00)

                                                                             Able to name and locate 20 world locations or practice the times-table independently from the age of 2? Don't envy these little geniuses. Your child can learn to do the same! View Online












                                                                                                                                               Don't forget to check out SgDealFinder.com and follow us on twitter.com/sgdealfinder

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