low through-put on bge cards OBSD 4.0 & 3.9

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low through-put on bge cards OBSD 4.0 & 3.9

Dag Richards
I have a pair of Sunfire x2100's I am trying to configure as vpn
"routers" to bridge between two Data Centres.

isakmpd - easy working
bridging - also easy

bridging over ipsec tunnel - surprisingly easy as well

The problem I am having is the one part that I
_assumed_ would be the easiest.

I can not seem to get more that ~43 megabytes per second through
the bge cards on these boxes.  This is the unencrypted speed
with the cards attached by x-over cable or on a 2950 switch with only
these two boxes attached.

I am running 4.0 using the 386 mp kernel compiled for IOAPIC.

I had essentially the same results w/ 3.9.

I tried installing  Suse 10.0 just to see what kind of throughput I got
there, and was getting ~80 megabytes per second. This told me that the
HW was at least capable of getting the throughput I expected. Of course
the bloody linux  dist is useless for these types of applications.