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superfluous Whitney
Offer valid until July 27/2007 - Buy the MD List and get 4 other medical Listings at no additional cost

Licensed MDs in the USA

788,817 in total  17,400 emails

34 primary and secondary specialties

Fields: First name, Last name, Title, Specialty, Address (city, state, zip, county),
Medical School Attended, Location of Residency Training, Phone, Fax, Email, Website,
Primary Specialty, Secondary Specialty, Graduation Year, Major Activity, Hospital,
Group  Practice Abms Certification

Special Price: $395

Recieve the 4 medical Directorys below at no charge when you buy the MD Directory above -

Hospitals in the USA
23,000 Admins in more than 7,000 hospitals (value: $399)

Dentists in the USA
597,000 dentists and dental services  (value: $299)

American Chiropractor Directory
100,000 chiropractors offices in the USA   (value: $249)

Physical Therapists in the USA
125,000 listings for PT, OT RT and Speech Therapy  (value: $249)

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