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Jacob Yocom-Piatt
attention job seekers:

i have been the solo IT manager for a medium-sized printing company for
the past 4 months and we're now looking to add a second man to our IT
department. i have a strong preference to hire someone with an openbsd
background for this position.

the company is located just northwest of chicago, IL, is privately owned
and quite unlike most corporate environments. there is a minimum amount
of "stuffed shirt" nonsense and bureaucracy that one would normally
encounter at similarly sized companies. the starting pay is nothing to
write home to mom about, but there are opportunities for substantial pay
increases provided there is value added as a result of work performed.
you will directly interact with the company's officers and owners on a
regular basis.

here is a brief job description:

- maintain and implement existing MIS software; this is essentially a
database + GUI system that is used company-wide for accounting,
inventory management, etc.

- assist with data collection and analysis of shop floor data;
initially, this will be isolated to runspeed data for our larger presses
and later extend to the rest of the floor equipment

- assist with maintenance and expansion of existing openbsd
infrastructure; adding redundancy in several areas, tightening security,
IDS and task automation

- write CGI scripts to streamline data entry and interfacing; perl, C or
shell scripting experience a plus

this is a full-time position that could start as early as this week, and
telecommuting is not an option. i am willing to hire people with "raw"
skills so please don't let a limited work experience deter you from
contacting me.

please send resumes or further questions to this email address and i
will contact you ASAP. if this has been posted in the wrong place, feel
free to castigate and/or lambaste =)