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japanese input method (=?iso-2022-jp?b?GyRCRnxLXDhsRn5OTxsoQg==?=)

Hi all ,my name is takesima .

this is about "3.8 japanese" .

i read the excellent  http://www.ne.jp/asahi/diver/hrk/openbsd/s-anthy.html ,
and i only ***follow*** it ,
and i can use anthy  on emacs on konsole .

bash-3.00$ tail -10 /etc/rc.local
echo '.'
# Netatalk stuff
#if [ -f /etc/netatalk/rc.atalk ]; then
#       . /etc/netatalk/rc.atalk
#/usr/local/bin/jserver                        <------ attention please

bash-3.00$ cat .xinitrc
export LANG=ja_JP.eucJP
#export XMODIFIERS="@im=kinput2"<------ attention please
#kinput2 -wnn &                               <------ attention please

bash-3.00$ cat .emacs
(load-library "anthy")
(setq default-input-method 'japanese-anthy)
(setq anthy-wide-space " ")

-bash-3.00# ps -ax | grep wnn
29987 p4  I+      0:00.01 grep wnn
-bash-3.00# ps -ax | grep jserver
-bash-3.00# ps -ax | grep anthy
21462 p1  Is+     0:00.07 /usr/local/bin/anthy-agent

i paste japanese on emacs to kontact (=kmail) .
thus i can put japanese on kmail the followings
mail:  [hidden email]