install script http/http_s_ enforcement?

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install script http/http_s_ enforcement?

Mihai Popescu-3

I use to do a clean install from snapshots, erasing all my disk and
previous installation, using miniroot??.fs file then retrieve sets
from http/https. I was able to see that after repeating my
installation procedure, installer script is able to "remember" somehow
what mirror i used, so it is already presented as a choice. I think
somehow installer reads /etc/installurl, but i am not sure since this
is fine with me. Sometimes it is not able to see this and I have to
enter it manually. Again, I am not sure how it is done, since I never
looked at perl code.

I still have a problem, at last snapshot i used http_s_ and some
mirror for install. Did some test with packages, then i started over
again with a clean install. The script was able to see my method of
install as [http] since https method is missing, I explicitly entered
- http, then I changed the mirror's name since I wanted to use
something else.
Even I specified http very clear, I was warned that https cannot be
used and asked if I want to use http instead.

My question is that: is http_s_ forced no matter what you chose as
install method?

Thank you.