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Contemporary Artists Series

 The publishing package assumes a comprehensive and professional in every
aspects unique created hardcover art book published for collectors, art
lovers and distribution, an overview of the artist works, statement, CV and
opinions from art critics discussing the work and technique. The first
print run is a quality offset print limited edition of 1000 copies,
creative and unique per-page design of a large size book of 9>x12< inches
/245x315 mm, hardcover and Business Reply Card.
The artist financially participation is per-page and is Euro 149 or the
equivalent currency. Minimum 64 pages. The price includes creative layout,
composition, proofs, review, editing, plates, printing, binding and
packing. 100% anticipate payment by Direct Transfer to World of Art
account. The shipping cost from printer to client is on client charge. By
our net price agreement you buy at publishing & printing cost 900 copies of
your own first print run limited edition art book which is about 10.59 per
book. 100 book copies will be sent to relevant and recognized art
organizations entirely at the publisher's discretion.

The price in bookstores and eCommerce ranges from $89 US to $299 US per
copy, depending on number of pages and uniqueness of the book and artwork
included in layout. Author Royalty is determined depending on the retail
price, the distribution cost, the artist contribution and the publishing
investment - search inside the  website ROYALTY STRUCTURE.

Materials to be received:
- 60 ~ 100 quality image files and texts may be provided on DVD by mail or
in electronic format by e-mail attachment 300 dpi TIFF/JPG format.
- The work information: title, year, media, size, collection.
- Writings, essays, statement, resume /CV, texts, photos of the artist.
- Completed Application Form /Book Agreementt (attached)
If you are not able to download and fell the PDF Book Agreement form you
can submit an e-mail letter to WOA publisher.

* The Business Reply Card includes the work inventory in the book and is
the way in which art lovers and book buyers can express their commitment in
acquiring original works included in the book or find direct contact to the
author and comment the works, a unique marketing and business tool specific
to publishing.

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