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iked in -current with Apple iOS 14

Theodore Wynnychenko-2
After avoiding this for a couple of years, I just spent a lot of time
figuring out how to get iked in -current to play with Apple iOS 14 (most
recent version).

I had been limping along by replacing iked in current with an older version,
but Apple has made iOS ikev2 more and more restrictive, so I finally decided
to upgrade.

I now have iked using ECDSA384 certificates working with my iPhone (also
with ECDSA384 certificates).

I am sending this note to see if it would be of help to send a detailed
accounting of how this was done to the list.

It is a bit convoluted (especially if you want to use certificates that will
live longer than about 13 (or 26) months - a new limitation from Apple).

If my process for this would be helpful to others, please let me know, and I
will type something up in the next week or two.