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Cristian Avram

i just installed a generic 3.8 on a g4/800Mhz quicksilver (the one
with gigabit ethernet). Everything went just fine. Now i just
installed an ftp server (pure-ftpd via pkg_add) and after a few gigs
of transfered data my /var/log/messages file reads:

wd1a: device timeout writing fsbn 94453408 of 94453408-94453439 (wd1
bn 94453408; cn 93703 tn 12 sn 28), retrying
wd1: soft error (corrected)
wdc0:0:1: intr with DRQ (st=0x58<DRDY,DSC,DRQ>)
wd1a: device timeout writing fsbn 95469792 of 95469792-95469887 (wd1
bn 95469792; cn 94712 tn 1 sn 33), retrying
wd1: soft error (corrected)


wd0a: device timeout reading fsbn 36382048 of 36382048-36382079 (wd0
bn 36385072; cn 36096 tn 4 sn 52), retrying
wd0: soft error (corrected)
wdc0:0:1: intr with DRQ (st=0x58<DRDY,DSC,DRQ>)

the same messages for wd2, too...

The machine has 3 hard drives attached, and i tried the file transfer
on each one - with the same errors...

I'm pretty sure the hard drives are OK. (200Gigs / 7200 RPM Seagate)

Anyone have any idea what may be causing these messages?

Thank You!