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i386-laptop: New submission - Compaq Presario V2405US

C. Bensend
(apologies for the long links)




   * X, with default xorg.conf moved, let xorg do its thing, and it
     comes up fine in 1280x768 (it's a widescreen display)
   * Built-in rl 10/100 ethernet
   * Touchpad & USB mouse

Doesn't work:

   * Built-in 802.11b/g, Broadcom chipset, no surprise there
   * Built-in modem, "Winmodem" I believe
   * Cardbus - no docs for the developers
   * APM

Contact:  Benny <[hidden email]>

"'And you've got 10 gig of files to put through our mail system?' I
ask, squeezing my mouse in a non-approved manner." -- BOFH, 2006-01