i386 3.8-stable xpdf-3.00p7 crash with /etc/malloc.conf -> AFGJP

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i386 3.8-stable xpdf-3.00p7 crash with /etc/malloc.conf -> AFGJP

Jonathan Thornburg

I have a reproducible  xpdf  core dump with i386 3.8-stable when
/etc/malloc.conf is set to strict malloc checking.

In more detail:
   3.8-stable (cvs update 6.Apr.2006)
   /etc/malloc.conf -> AFGJP

   xpd-3.00p7 (= the latest version as of a couple of days ago)
   t1lib-5.0.0 (= ditto)

The pdf file is:
Note you need to fetch it with an interactive web browser -- the site
blocks access with wget et al, and they may need to regenerate the pdf
when they see your request.

Once you get the pdf, press the space bar twice to advance to page 3.
Presto, core dump.  (Note you do *not* get the core dump if you explicitly
type "3" into the page-number field.)

gdb reports the crash occurs in #0  0x0a951335 in T1_AADoLine () from
#1  0x0a951fd4 in T1_AASetChar () from /usr/local/lib/libt1.so.5.0


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