httpd vs. mod_dav ETag

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httpd vs. mod_dav ETag

Jason Oster
Hello all,

I have been experimenting with the mod_dav port on OpenBSD 4.2 release.
Ultimately, I would like to set up Thunderbird/Lightning clients to
manage network calendars with mod_dav, but I have run into a bug that
has been documented here:

On the OpenBSD side of things, it appears that mod_dav and httpd use
different ETag generation functions. I believe mod_dav should call
Apache's ap_make_etag() function directly, but that requires somehow
building or gathering a pointer to the connection request structure in

I've made an attempt to patch mod_dav, but ran into compilation issues
with 4.2 and expat. I'll be trying again with 4.3, soon. Until then, has
anyone run into similar problems or know of a quick work-around?