fyi - openbsd 3.8 squirrelmail php bug and imap-uw

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fyi - openbsd 3.8 squirrelmail php bug and imap-uw

P. Pruett
I ran into something w/ squirrelmail on openBSD 3.8
with uw imap needing plain text login and with a php
bug causing timeouts

short answer - use flavor "plaintext" with imap-uw instead
of trying edit of /etc/  - and use imap serverside
sort option on squirrelmail  - or manually update/patch php4 - ughh

NOTES - longwinded for those who may care,
and for google, else read no further


from the front of

"SquirrelMail and PHP 4.4.1 issues
Nov 07, 2005 by Tomas Kuliavas
PHP developers released PHP 4.4.1 version on 2005-10-31.
Security fixes introduced bug, which affects three SquirrelMail
functions. If your SquirrelMail install does not use server
side sorting, PHP bug can create infinite loop in message display.
If you are using PHP 4.4.1, you should update it to 4.4.x-dev or apply

(or as a quick fix set squirrel mail to serverside sort)


According to
     there are two different packaging flavors. [default package] and
     [package with plaintext support]. Use plaintext package or
     enable plain text login in /etc/

I used the default make install, so I'm sure I got
the package w/o plain text.
I had /etc/ edited accordingly from previous usage..

# cat /etc/
set disable-plaintext nil

But it did not work...

So rather than using the port package without flavor and trying
to override with /etc/,
I made package with flavor and that worked. ..........

# pkg_delete imap-uw-2004g
imap-uw-2004g: complete
Clean shared items: complete

# cd /usr/ports/mail/imap-uw
# env FLAVOR=plaintext make install

And that fixed it. --- then I had to do some changes to php.ini
and change some squirrel mail settings because the version of php w/ 3.8
has issues with imap or the version of imap has issues with php...
anywho changing things like squirrelmail to have imap sort help..

(be sure to exercise it with some attachements before you think its good
to go...)

a source of info-

a reminder to us slothful admins,  imap need only be for
localhost for squirrelmail... can configure pf.conf so only localhost uses