dspam update to 3.6.5

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dspam update to 3.6.5

Frank Denis (Jedi/Sector One)-6
3.6.5 is a maintenance release.

Port tested on i386 and amd64.

MAINT: WebUI aesthetic and functional fixes
MAINT: Added --disable-syslog and --with-logfile= configuration flags
MAINT: Added -t flag for dspam_stats to total stats
MAINT: Markov result used as X-DSPAM-Confidence when Markov used
MAINT: Support for separate read/write servers to be used with mysql_drv
BUGFIX: Spam are quarantined when --deliver=summary
BUGFIX: Admin graphs malformatted when subject contains newline character
BUGFIX: WebUI does not use MAX_COL_LEN
BUGFIX: Output for dspam_admin aggr pref incorrect
BUGFIX: Flat-file preference writes fail on some systems
BUGFIX: Failure to connect to ClamAV causes segmentation fault
BUGFIX: NULL username in system causes segmentation fault
BUGFIX: ClamAV processing and cleanup issues
BUGFIX: Fragment files overwritten on retrain
BUGFIX: Miscellaneous invalid read / segmentation fault bugs
BUGFIX: If TrainingMode not specified in dspam.conf or passed in,  
segmentation fault
BUGFIX: No output returned when using --deliver=summary with dspamc

Frank Denis - frank [at] nailbox.fr
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