device entry point for pxa2x0_rtc_setalarm function?

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device entry point for pxa2x0_rtc_setalarm function?



Ok, I admit to being an OpenBSD newbie but am reasonably competent at C
development and find the Kernel Source structure fairly readable so I
understand that within the OpenBSD Kernel does actually support rtc alarms
through a function called pxa2x0_rtc_setalarm.


What I can't find is any device driver that is actually vectored to reach
this system call in any way..


I can see various functions such as hardclock that are available but nothing
to actually set rtc alarms..


In Linux (excuse me but it's the most easy example), there is a /dev/rtc
which will take an IOCTL  RTC_ALM_SET with a structure giving a time where
the rtc should wake the unit from suspend.


You can see where I'm going, it would be nice to get some of the PDA back
from the device for certain applications wake up alarms could be implemented
from the /etc/apm.d/suspend scripts having read an applications alarm
settings etc.


So, does anyone know? Is there a way from 'userland' down to that syscall?


- Andy