cwm bindings enabled after reload

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cwm bindings enabled after reload

I have the following lines in ~/.cwmrc :

        bind-key M-ampersand        group-only-1
        bind-key M-eacute           group-only-2
        bind-key M-quotedbl         group-only-3
        bind-key M-apostrophe       group-only-4
        bind-key M-parenleft        group-only-5
        bind-key M-minus            group-only-6
        bind-key M-egrave           group-only-7
        bind-key M-underscore       group-only-8
        bind-key M-ccedilla         group-only-9
        bind-key M-agrave           group-toggle-all

        bind-key MS-ampersand        window-movetogroup-1
        bind-key MS-eacute           window-movetogroup-2
        bind-key MS-quotedbl         window-movetogroup-3
        bind-key MS-apostrophe       window-movetogroup-4
        bind-key MS-parenleft        window-movetogroup-5
        bind-key MS-minus            window-movetogroup-6
        bind-key MS-egrave           window-movetogroup-7
        bind-key MS-underscore       window-movetogroup-8
        bind-key MS-ccedilla         window-movetogroup-9

Yes, it's for an azerty keyboard.

It turns out that there bindings don't work properly until I reload cwm
with MSC-r.

I can't see any error when launching cwm with -v option.

Any advice how to understand and solve this ?