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Kostas Aleksiou
I am a begginer in openBSD
my system is   i386

1) What ?  If i bypass (during installation) network configuration because i
dont have yet ethernet connection or any other connection? because i want to
get to  know better this OS before i  do my ethernet connection.

2) Why during my network configuration gave me   ''em0'' interface   instead
of   ''fxp0''  ?

3) when i ve finished installation and  i ve had my cogratulations ,  after
rebbooting it did not recognize (in login) my host name ( foo or puffy) e.g
''kavla'' or my root ''password'' or both.

4) Why it says that is symbolic (host) name ( foo or puffy) or any other?

4.5.4 - Configuring the network
Now it is time to configure your network. The network must be configured if
you are planning on doing an FTP or NFS based install, considering it will
be based upon the information you are about to enter. Here is a walk through
of the network configuration section of the install process.

Here is a sample of the network configuration part of the install, this time
done with DHCP:

  Configure the network? [yes] Enter
  Available interfaces are: ''em0'' instead of  ''fxp0''.
  Which one do you wish to initialize? (or 'done') [fxp0] Enter
  Symbolic (host) name for fxp0? [puffy] Enter
  The default media for fxp0 is
          media: Ethernet autoselect (100baseTX full-duplex)
  Do you want to change the default media? [no] Enter
  IP address for fxp0? (or 'dhcp') dhcp

5)  Is the following process the same for all users ???????
       and  IP '''' is a standard IP for configuring my
network ?
or it searches ..............
automatically for my real ip address?? for ''issuing my hostname-associated
DHCP request for fxp0''???


( Issuing hostname-associated DHCP request for fxp0.
  Sending on   Socket/fallback/fallback-net
  DHCPDISCOVER on fxp0 to port 67 interval 1
  DHCPREQUEST on fxp0 to port 67
  DHCPACK from
  New Network Number:
  New Broadcast Address:
  bound to -- renewal in 43200 seconds.
  Done - no available interfaces found.
  DNS domain name? (e.g. '') [] Enter
  DNS nameserver? (IP address or 'none') [] Enter
  Use the nameserver now? [yes] Enter
  Default route? (IP address, 'dhcp' or 'none') [] Enter
  Edit hosts with ed? [no] Enter )

Do you want to do any manual network configuration? [no] Enter

NOTE: Only one interface can easily be configured using DHCP during an
install. If you attempt to configure more than one interface using DHCP you
will encounter errors. You have to manually configure the additional
interfaces after the installation.